Black Friday sex toy deals from my sponsors!

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

Interrupting the regular schedule of having big wanks and telling you all about my lovely boyfriend to bring you news that a load of my sponsor companies are doing deals for Black Friday, so if you’d like to buy sex toys or other hot things, now’s a good time. Buying through the links here helps to support my site and make it so I can continue bringing you audio porn, sex stories, and occasional rants. Black Friday sex toy deals from sponsors, let’s go…


Simple as fuck, just a huge discount that’s available on everything except their newest toy (the Doxy 3 USB). I recommend any of their wands, as well as their absolutely gorgeous metal butt plugs: use code BLACKFRIDAY35 for 35% off.


Massive discounts on a whole bunch of stuff, including dildos, butt plugs and their now-TikTok-famous grind rings… For example you can get slim pegging dildos (originally £29.99) for £19.99, or grind rings that used to be £48./99 for less than £35.

Alternatively, if you’re shopping TODAY (Friday 24th November), their non-sale items are all 3 for 2. Have a browse, and use the code GOTNSHOP to get an extra 10% off.

Hot Octopuss

Every now and then Hot Octopuss just go wild on the discount codes, so Black Friday is always a fucking great time to grab an Atom Plus cock ring, a PULSE dick vibe, an Amo bullet or Kurve g-spot vibrator. Or… literally anything else. They make amazing, powerful toys and I fucking love them. See all Black Friday sale items here.

Whipple Tickle

These lovely fuckers have basically discounted everything – you can get up to 60% off across a whole range of stuff. Vibrators, masturbation sheaths, lingerie, latex, as well as things like lube which I always feel I should mention because Black Friday’s a good time to stock up for the year. Head to WhippleTickle and use my code GOTN10 for an additional 10% off.


Massive sale, simple to do because there’s no code or anything, they’ve just automatically discounted a bunch of prices. Up to 50% off some really kickass electro toys and accessories like this strap-on harness and the e-stim dildo that goes with it, and they’re even doing discounts on the stimulators which are the pricy bits of any electro kit. Get 20% off the KIX or even the hyper-fancy AXIS (which is what I have because I’m cooooool) and deliver extremely fascinating new sensations to your horny lovers asap.


Also keeping it simple, Meo are giving you a code that gives a massive 33% off everything on site. Anal toys, kink equipment, fuckawesome harnesses and jocks and other lovely stuff. Just use BLACK23 at the checkout and go to town.

Bloom Stories

UPDATE: you can get 25% off monthly membership and 60% off annual membership at Bloom Stories – they make gorgeous audio erotica! Even if you don’t want to buy a membership, you can actually sign up to their site for free. You get access to a selection of free stories, and every now and then they release a new one. So even if you don’t subscribe for a paid membership, you still get occasional bursts of delightful free porn in your inbox.


Likewise, if you subscribe to the newsletter on the FrolicMe site, you’ll immediately get access to one of their gorgeous cinematic-quality porn scenes FOR FREE. Scroll to the bottom to find the newsletter box.


Herein ends the list of Black Friday sex toy deals from my sponsors. Unless I spot any more, in which case I’ll add them to this list. Go have a browse and buy whatever takes your fancy. Happy bargain wanking, everyone!

My Patreon

Just realised I should probably have mentioned this as well – until the end of November you can get an annual subscription on my Patreon for a 16% discount (weirdly that’s the max Patreon will allow it to be discounted). If you join now you’ll also get a Christmas card from me (designed by the fabulous Stuart F Taylor), and if you join annually at tier 2 ($45/£45 for a year) you’ll get one of these lovely notebooks that says ‘no one does what you do quite like you’ as well.


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