Guest blog: Impulsive sex and the single woman

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The joy of fantasy and erotica is that you can live out scenarios which you may not be able to do in real life – or might hope for in the future, but which haven’t happened to fall into your lap yet in quite the right way. Today’s guest blogger, Sameerah from Erotics and Whatnot, is here to tell you a story about impulsive sex and the single woman. When she meets a guy on the bus, she’s offered a flash of opportunity. And this time, she might just reach out to take it…

Impulsive sex and the single woman

Did I tell you about the time I met a stranger on the bus and ended up having sex that very day? Maybe it skipped my mind. Well, here is how the story went:

It was a cold, rainy Tuesday here in Lagos, Nigeria, and my boss wanted me to come to work. I hated physically going in to work on rainy days, and my boss knew that which was why he asked me to come to work that day.

I ran out the gate and into the rain with my work bag and stood at the bus stop for ten minutes, waiting for a bus. I had to run under a shade when the rain was too much for me to bear.

At last, I saw a bus approaching and ran out into the rain to stop it, but the driver still splashed me with muddy water as I tried to hail it. I got on and sat down quietly in one corner – I didn’t want to voice my frustration because I didn’t want to lash out at an innocent man.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked back; the man beside me on the bus was smiling at me. I looked at him with disgust and didn’t bother to answer. I looked back at the window and gazed outside. He tapped me again.

“What is your problem, can’t you see I’m trying to mind my business? You should do that too,” I shouted, and the rest of the bus looked in my direction; the man almost turned pink.

“I am sorry,” I said to him.

“Oh that’s okay. I understand your situation and I shouldn’t be trying to invade your space,” Frederick said.

“Thank you,” I said. “It’s just that I am trying to get to work, and this rain isn’t helping matters.”

“I am also in your predicament and you wouldn’t believe it but I haven’t been to work physically in days and my boss wants me to come in to work – today of all days.”

“Mine too. Bosses can be a pain in the ass,” I told him.

“Where are my manners? I’m Frederick,” he said.

“Ann,” I smiled at him and stretched my hand out.

“You have really beautiful eyes Ann,” Frederick said, smiling at me as he took my hand.

He had a firm grip on my hand, and his smile revealed his gap tooth. His smile was, in a word, gorgeous, his lip curved upwards, and his cheeks shifted to accommodate his face. His lips were just light pink, and his eyes, oh his eyes – they seemed to pulsate in the cool atmosphere.

“Uhm thank you,” I managed to choke out as I withdrew my hands. “You have a nice smile,” I told him.

“Oh really?” Frederick said, smiling wider, his white teeth winking at me, “this smile” he smirked at me, and I felt something in my panties.

“Oh please,” I rolled my eyes at him, “You are only doing it again because I said it’s nice.”

“Well, it’s not every day I get to impress a beautiful woman.” He smiled at me, looking straight at me with his deep blue eyes.

I gulped, and he noticed; he just gave a small laugh. “I think you and I will get along well Ann,” he touched my cheek slightly, caressing my face.

“Okay,” I blushed furiously.

“What do you say we do something fun?” Frederick asked me with a twinkle.


“I say we ditch work today. They will be fine at our respective workplaces if we don’t show up, and our bosses are complete assholes anyway,” Frederick said.

“So we should go home? Because there is a new season of You out and I haven’t seen it yet?” I said, confused.

“Not that, I was thinking of taking you on a date.” Frederick said.

“A date, I am not in the condition for a date, I look like a mess and besides we just met.”

“Well, if you say so. The bus is about to reach my stop and you have a choice to make. Either you follow me or you go to work and wonder how the date with me would have gone.”

I swallowed and turned back to the window. The bus came to a stop, and Frederick got off the bus.

Fuck, I thought, here is a handsome stranger who is offering me a day of fun; I haven’t relaxed in a while, and it sounds like it might be fun. Frederick was a very sexy man, and I was about to let him go. I used to love adventure, what was wrong with me? I groaned in my throat and decided to act.

“Wait!” I shouted at the bus driver.

I stepped off the bus and took this stranger’s hand.

Good girl,” Frederick said.

“So where to now?” I asked him.

“Where else? I am taking you somewhere to relax.”

The rain stopped then, and he called a friend to come and pick us up. I was a little nervous of where he would take me. After all, he was still a stranger. His friend, who introduced himself as John, drove us to the beach where he pointed me to a changing room that I could use to get changed while my clothes dried.

I thanked John and left to get changed. I found a couple of bathing suits in the bathing room, and picked one that suited my style. I took off my blouse, and I heard the door open. Frederick was at the door.

“Oh,” I said when I saw him, “is there a problem?”

“No, I just came to check on you,” Fredrick said; I felt his eyes wash over my body.

“Your body is breathtaking,” Frederick said, his eyes twinkling.

“Thank you Frederick. You know, I might have an idea of my own.” I moved closer to him at the door.

“What is that?” Frederick whispered.

“Stop pretending like we haven’t been thinking the same thing,” I smiled at him provocatively.

“Oh what is that?” Frederick feigned ignorance.

“You fucking my brains out.” I smiled at him and took off my work skirt.

“Ann,” Frederick said sharply, “John is just on the other side of that door.”

“Come on,” I laughed softly as I pressed myself against him. “Live a little Frederick,” I said and pressed my lips against him and brushed my butt against his cock.

“Okay quick before someone walks in here,” Frederick said as his dick began to rise.

He watched as I took off my panties to reveal myself.

“Come on Frederick, I know you want it too,” I held out a hand to him.

He walked to me and took off his pants; he was panting.

“Faster Fredrick, I can’t wait anymore,” I teased him.

I bent over one of the tables in the changing room so Frederick could approach me from behind. I felt him bend me over and pull my waist towards him; I readied my body for his strokes.

Frederick slammed inside me, and I gasped at the sheer size, it filled me up, and it stretched; I moaned as he started to pound me from behind. He grabbed my waist firmly to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere, and he kept going in and out of me.

“Ann, be quiet please,” Frederick said. “John might hear us.”

“I don’t care!” I shouted as he slammed into me again.

I met each stroke with a cry as he joined my body with his; I grabbed the table because I felt like I was going to explode. A tingling sensation ran through my body, and I gave a sharp cry. Frederick also gave a sharp cry as I arched my waist further to meet him; he grunted and pulled out of me, squirting his spunk all over my back.

As he collapsed beside me on the table, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I would be seeing Frederick and his dick again.


  • Valery North says:

    Surprised this hasn’t had any comments already – it’s a great vignette.

    Everything seems so random and each step feels like a total break with character – the impulse to just throw it all in the air and be naughty.

    And the final dirty detail of being marked with his cum right where she can’t wipe it off herself – phwoar!

  • Rimpy says:

    So very inspiring!!! I’m on the edge as well!

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