Audio erotica: Which stories are the most popular?

Image by the excellent Stuart F Taylor

I’ve been having a very busy – and exciting – few weeks, with lots of people wanting interviews to chat about audio porn. Including a super-fun behind-the-scenes interview for Vice, a fab round-up of top audio sites in Forbes, and even the New York Fucking Times holy shit OMG! I am genuinely over the moon about this, and I can barely contain my delight. What started as a small project designed to make my site more accessible to/enjoyable for people using screenreaders has now become the most visited section of the site. As I don’t have a guest blog lined up for today, I thought it’d be nice to welcome new readers/listeners with an overview of the most popular audio erotica, as well as some highlights of excellent guest audio too.

Most popular audio erotica

D’you want to bend over and get fucked?

He walks in, cock already hard. One hand on the waistband of his trousers. He slams the door behind him with his foot and says, simply: “D’you want to bend over and get fucked?”

Tight fucking, being smothered, and my favourite sex position

This is my favourite sex position: me face down. Head buried in the pillow. Heat that borders on claustrophobia. Legs straight, and slightly parted. He kneels above me, ideally holding his dick in one hand, using the other to squash and pinch and slap my arse. There’s a vulnerable feeling – being exposed and examined and used. Spread open.

I dream of fucking strangers

I think about it all the time: fucking strangers. My journeys into town, out of town, down to the shops to pick up milk: they’re all peppered with deeply personalised erotic fiction – flash-frame fucks starring people I pass on the way.

Massive dildo orgy: fucked with four cocks

Intimidation is hard to distinguish from excitement, especially when the two so often come hand in hand. That look you shoot me which says ‘you’re in trouble’ can sometimes make the blood drain from my face, tricking me into thinking I’m afraid, before the flood converges in my beating crotch, reminding me that this only happens because I really really want it to.

MMF fantasy: watching both of their faces

I like the way a guy’s dick twitches when I push something into him – like a butt plug. I like to watch that twitch as the plug slips inside – that quick pulse of his cock that tells me it’s settled neatly into the right place. His face twitches too. A flicker of pain/lust/need/satisfaction – one or all, delete as appropriate.

And that’s why I want him to get fucked in the ass while he fucks me.

Guest audio erotica

Fuck me to tears by Franki Cookney

We start out teasing, running fingertips over one another’s skin. We add lips and tongues, increasing our pressure. He makes me come with his fingers then pushes my knees to my chest and begins to fuck me. I tell him to lie down and straddle him. Grinding down on his cock I sense the first hint of something more intense than usual, something less about what I want and more about what I need.

I am a piss-covered slut by Absolutely Ruby

For all the times we’ve tried piss play, there is one incidence that stands out in my mind that I particularly enjoyed – mainly because it focused more on the degradation and domination rather than drinking down as much as possible.

Fuck thy neighbour by Grace

I’m sleeping with my hot, 25-year-old neighbour and it really does live up to its billing. His dick is not only pretty. It is pretty big, too. We’re about a dozen fucks in, and I’m thinking that life after 40 – for me, and for now – is better than it’s ever been.

A butt plug and a frustrating breakfast by Absolutely Ruby

‘Come on’ he says slapping my ass. ‘Get dressed, we’re going for breakfast.’

I smile and start to the bedroom as he follows me in to watch me dress.

‘Put your butt plug in your cunt, you’re wearing it to breakfast.’

I almost gasp as I look at him slightly open mouthed in disbelief. My cunt immediately spasms with excitement; the traitor.

The woman behind the porn cinema by me, read by 19syllables

There are ten of them in today. Dirty fuckers. Holes hastily cut in the pockets of their jeans so they can rub their dick-ends through the fabric with grubby little fingers.

Look at them.

Want more audio?

At the moment most of the audio on the site is written and read by me – boo! – but I’m working on that at the moment and I hope to expand things soon with some more guest content by incredible authors. Watch this space!

I’m doing this on a very small budget but if you’d like to support me and help me make more awesome audio erotica, come check out my Patreon! As well as being an absolute hero who is helping to bring more smut to the world, you will also get early access to new audio, the opportunity to vote on what gets recorded next (or make suggestions for things you’d like me to do and then write about, like this sex challenge which came directly from a Patreon and led to a super hot shag) and badges if you support at higher tiers.

What’s more everyone who’s a Patreon at the start of December will get a custom Christmas card (drawn by my fabulous illustrator Stuart F Taylor) and then scrawled in with custom smut from me.

If you don’t want to/can’t afford to support me on Patreon, I would absolutely love it if you would share links to my work with whoever might enjoy them (and consent to receiving porn!). Browse all the audio porn (over 100 stories!) here.


  • Lexy says:

    I’m so happy for you! Congratulations. You deserve a ton of success.

  • Phillip says:

    You are so delighted that you can barely contain yourself? GREAT!!! You deserve to get some traction and to have some great times. How you can do so much work is a mystery to me. Three or four postings In a week, plus some things I haven’t even sampled yet! Keep your drink CLOSE to you and have a wonderful, wonderful time!


    PS That part about so delighted! Well I would love to see that!

  • Beth Jackson says:

    I’m very happy for you as well! I love reading your stories and I, along with you love to hear see touch anything that has to do with winking! I guess that is one of my favorite erotic pleasures

  • Beth Jackson says:

    I meant wanking!! Here in the states it’s called jacking off, rubbing one out Etc haha😁

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