Sun n sand – oral fantasies on the beach

This fabulous story about oral fantasies on the beach was written by Cal (@uncmfrtblynmb) and originally appeared on his Medium blog. It is read here by Girl on the Net.

Between the deserted dunes I lay, looking out into the sunset. My skin had taken on new bronze tones after a whole day out at the beach. The bright golden light danced on the shimmering water, so I closed my eyes for some respite.

I sensed his presence beside me, feeling his rough palm working its way up my freshly-shaved legs. I leaned back further, letting his eager hand slide between my thighs.

Slowly, but firmly, he kneaded the warm flesh of my upper legs, parting them to get access that I was only too happy to give. He used a knuckle to rub up and down my slit through the bikini bottom, and I shuddered.

My swimsuit had dried by now and was starting to get itchy with the sand in it. I tugged on the strings on either side, and off came the miniscule panties.

He lowered his head and licked my belly, and then went further into the short tangle of my mons. His tongue tickled slightly as it worked its insistent way into my folds, and my ragged breathing encouraged him on.

I’ve never been a fan of beach sex, with sand getting in everywhere and the salt water drying me out, but whatever he was doing was amazing and I didn’t want him to ever stop.

He easily slipped in a finger, and then another. My hips raised off the sand, begging for him to thrust into me, but he teased and held still. I whimpered as he continued to play, but then exhaled when he finally started sliding them in and out.

I was never one to be quiet, and the working over he was giving my pussy elicited my loudest moans. That spurred him on as his tongue lashed against my clit, up and down, side to side.

The two fingers in me became three, and my slickness was more a flood, but still he went on, unrelenting. He was going to finger-bang me into oblivion and I didn’t care, all I cared about right there right then was coming.

And I did, hard. It felt like he’d lifted me over his head and flung me into an onrushing wave, to break into it as it broke over me. Bright flashing lights, warm foamy seas, blessed orgasmic relief.

“Ready to go?”

Was someone talking to me?

“Honey, we gotta go.”

I was able to unpeel one eyelid and squinted up at my husband. My mouth felt like I’d eaten half the beach, and I grunted, words not quite forming.

“Looks like you fell asleep,” he laughed, waving the empty bottle of prosecco.

I grinned, somewhat stupidly, looking down my legs at the sea, and leaned forward to tie up the undone laces of my bottom.

If you enjoyed these oral fantasies you can find more of Cal’s hot work at, or head to the audio porn page for more sexy stories read aloud.  

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