Guest blog: Letting the internet dominate me

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I absolutely love creative kinky ideas, and today’s is one I have seen (and participated in!) over on Mastodon a few times already, so I’m delighted that Persephone dropped by to share her cool kink with you. And if you yourself want to be dominated, and give your life over to strangers to influence and manage, then hey – you might want to try copying her kickass idea, and letting the internet dominate you too…

Letting the internet dominate me

Submission usually requires someone to whom you submit, and I don’t have a dominant at the moment. So what’s a horny, sometimes subby, girl to do? My solution has been submitting… to the internet.

Most social media platforms allow you to do polls, so I ask the internet to make choices for me. Which drink am I going to have next? Water, coffee, apple juice, or Fanta? Wait ten minutes and see what the internet decides. The fun bit is then doing it. They’ve told me to and I’m a good submissive slut right? Of course I’m going to follow the poll’s results.

But just one poll about a drink isn’t enough. The real fun begins when I let the internet dominate me for more personal stuff: my outfit, for instance. Which collar I’m going to wear. Which toy is going up my arse, even. I first did this back in the days of Twitter but nowadays you’ll find me on Mastodon, so if you’d like to play along click that link.

In the meantime, here is a day in the life of letting the internet dominate me…

The day starts as usual. I get up and from the toilet I send an announcement post, starting the thread that’ll run for today. Returning to my room I carefully lay out possible underwear options on the bed and snap some pictures.

I create a poll: thong, plain black pants, or nothing. Set the duration to ten minutes and wait.

This is the best bit, the waiting. Refreshing the page, looking for any movement in the numbers. Oooh someone voted! One point to the thong. Another vote, now it’s a tie between thong and nothing. This early in the morning there are a few Australians still awake, but it’s early for the UK and European folk to be waking up. I assume people don’t jump out of bed and go “Ooh what’s Persephone posted while I slept?” These early polls won’t get many responses. Occasionally there will be a tie, so depending on the poll I’ll decide what to do about it. For something like the underwear choice I’ll pick the “worst” option, but for something like a punishment/funishment I’ll roll a dice and let that pick.

I probably should get up, but without knowing what underwear I’m going to be wearing I can’t put on the rest of my outfit. That I’m not leaving to a poll, I do have to do my day job today and I’ll need to look respectable on video calls. This is the thing about this kind of submission and slutiness, I can easily enforce my limits. I don’t have to worry about saying no to someone I barely know, half a world away, who’s just demanded a photo of my face, or that I write the word “whore” across my forehead. I just don’t give the internet that option.

Finally the poll ends. I wait through the final long seconds for the final result notification to come through. Refreshing the page to see if any votes slipped in under the wire since the last time I looked (several milliseconds ago). The thong won, by one vote. I slip it on, making sure to pull my butt cheeks apart so the string gets right up in there. Then I post about it, telling the internet that I’ve followed their decision. There is a little thrill as I do it, hundreds of people will see the fact that just followed their instructions and put on the underwear they selected. I quickly figure out the rest of an outfit and go get coffee. No, I’m not going to let them choose this either. Maybe I’ll let them choose something about my coffee later but first thing in the morning? Not a chance!

The next choice I’m going to give the internet: shoes for the day. The options this time are 6-inch high heels with a bit of a platform, 2-inch heels, or my DMs. In this poll I really hope they pick the high heels – I love how they make me tower over everything and they look really slutty too but this choice isn’t up to me, not any more. Polls like this one are the point of this exercise. The submission of it, giving up control… that’s the reason for doing it in the first place. Why would I do this if not to give up control? Something as simple as my shoes are enough to let me feel that. Enough to give me that tingle.

The poll goes for the tall heels anyway, it’s surprising how often a poll like this will go for the “worst” option. Letting the internet dominate me is not as certain as it used to be back in the Twitter days. Polls there would always be the worst possible option, for some reason here on Mastodon it’s more of a mixed bag, sometimes completely unexpected things win. If I’d put the underwear poll on Twitter, the internet would have selected ‘no underwear’, practically guaranteed.

I slip the heels on my feet, admire myself in the mirror, and post about it. Making sure to thank everyone for picking that option. Now I should probably put myself in chastity: I tend to get a little excited on days like this. Delaying things is probably a good idea. Another poll lets the internet dictate which of my chastity devices I use. One of the biggest downsides to a day like this is it takes an age to do anything. I’m having to wait ten minutes for each of these polls to run. I couldn’t do it on a day that I need to be somewhere.

There is an odd kind of limbo to the ten minutes that the poll is running. Like jumping on a random bus, where is it going? I’ve no idea. What will I be able to do when I get there? Not sure. I can’t plan, I can’t prepare. I’ve done that in the past but it ended up with a sudden rush of votes that changed the outcome from what I thought it would be and all my preparation was for nothing. I have to give up control, submit to the chaos.

The cage they picked out goes on, my dome thing*, it’s a little more awkward than most, but it’s a fun device. A few more polls get me to the start of my work day, with a cup of coffee and a dildo on my desk. Today is going to be a fun day, even if I’m very distracted from work.

I hope the polls are kind and let me enjoy an orgasm at some point, but that is up to the internet…



*Note from GOTN: please take a moment to register how excited I was when I asked Persephone for a link to the chastity device she mentions, and she sent me a link to the 3D printable files for a device she’d made herself. Heroic. It’s an adult product so you’ll need an account on that site to see it. 



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