The wishlist: He fulfils her ravishment fantasy

Image by the brilliant Stuart F Taylor

This fabulous ravishment fantasy is written and read by JM Seaborn, and originally appeared on his website. Note that it contains elements of consensual non-consent, and the use of ‘Daddy’ as an honorific. Everyone in this story is a consenting adult. 

“There is a list,” she whispered. I almost didn’t hear her. She said it after a long and gorgeous kiss. She said it just as my teeth were sinking into her throat. I didn’t ask what she meant. I knew she was answering a question from an hour ago.

She had told me she wanted to control her loss of control.

“Tell me,” I said. “Was there a wish list?”

And over the rim of her wine glass, she had blushed and said she would tell me later. This is later. And as I hold her throat in my jaws, she is telling me. “There’s a list.”

Wishlist Item 1: Make it a surprise

I told her I was working late. I told her she would be home alone. She lined up an evening of Netflix and pizza, and when she leaves the bathroom in nothing but a towel, she doesn’t hear me move behind her.

It’s not until a large hand snaps around the back of her neck and pushes her face against the wall does she learn – she’s not alone. She takes giant panic breaths & when I kick her legs apart, her towel escapes to the floor, lipstick smeared on the wall.

She is pinned. Captive.

Wishlist Item 2: Hide that it’s you, Daddy

I speak in a low growl and tell her that she needs to be quiet. Does she understand? She nods and tries to control her breathing. She freezes when my other hand moves up her thigh and brushes against the lips of her defenceless cunt.

A stranger’s voice in her ear. A stranger’s grip on her neck. A stranger’s fingers violating between her legs I move my face close.

There’s a bruise on her throat, left by her Daddy. I press my teeth against it. My bite matches his perfectly. For a moment, her breathing slows.

Wishlist Item 3: Make me struggle

I force her face harder against the wall with one hand, and push my fingers into her cunt with the other. I pay no outward attention to her comfort. She gasps and swears and tries to break free by pushing against the wall and twisting.

But I’m too large. Too strong. The friction just makes her rear into my hand and I can’t help but allow a patronising chuckle.

Wishlist Item 4: Degrade me. Shame me for this

I unzip my fly and lean forward so I can pour words into her ear. I tell her that her body is mine.

That her cunt is mine. I tell her I am going to fill all her holes and she will leak with me. I tell her I am going to bruise her in places she can’t hide, and when I’m done, I’m going to toss her aside.

And with a thrust of my hips, I push my dick into her and start fucking her with single minded hunger. I wrap her hair around my fist and I yank her head back so my lips are against her ear.

“How can it be no when you’re this fucking wet?” I say.

She moans.

5. Bring me back to you

I fight instincts to show I care how she feels. I throw myself into her and as she sobs silently against the wall, I expel a growl I’ve never heard before. My cock trembles and my fingers curl in her hair and now she’s not the only one with tears in her eyes.

I pant against her shoulder blades while she clenches to catch every drop. Sweat beads run down my head and I kiss her skin. I return to her ear and whisper: “You’re safe. It’s me. It’s Daddy.”

She reaches behind her and pulls me further in. Reassuring me as I am reassuring her.

I turn her round and she kisses me like I just stepped off a plane. She gives me the warmest smile as more tears run down her cheeks. She climbs up onto my hips, hanging off me like a koala.

“Take me to bed,” she says. “I want to hear your wishlist,” she says.


If you enjoyed this ravishment fantasy, you can find more of JM Seaborn’s fabulous work (I love the way he writes consent into his kink and this one really grabbed my attention when he read it aloud at Eroticon) at, and hear more hot stories read aloud at the free audio porn hub. 

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