Guest blog: The best sex of our lives took a decade to perfect

Image by the awesome Stuart F Taylor

I am so excited to welcome Tess back to the guest blog! Her first piece was (and still is) one of my favourite ever sex toy posts. She tested out the Hot Octopuss PULSE (an incredible oscillating penis vibrator that can be used hands-free) to see if she could have an orgasm while playing computer games, and naturally ‘horny nerd stuff’ is very much  my cup of tea. Today she’s back with a blog that’s equally creative, even hotter, and comes with a really important lesson: the best sex doesn’t always happen spontaneously, the way a lot of media (my own porn often included!) might have you believe. Sometimes the best sex is a decade in the making, because the fuck itself rests on foundations of connection and understanding that are built over many many years. Thank you so much to Tess for sharing this stunning shag!

The best sex of our lives took a decade to perfect

Some things seem to happen in a flash of brilliant inspiration. The idea pops into someone’s head, fully realised, and they do something amazing. It looks so effortless! So out of reach!

Years ago, I would read about the hot sex other people were having and think the same way. I thought amazing sex was only had by people more intuitive and spontaneous than me. I could aim for good sex, sure, but not amazing sex.

Then, at the start of this month, my wife and I had unbelievable sex. The hottest sex of our lives. And I realised that in the same way that a technological achievement is built on decades of iteration, it was a decade of us being together and learning things that let us make those in-the-moment choices that felt so good.

The setup was the night before, we were heading for sleep and they lamented being too tired because “I just really want to grind on your face.” So went to sleep horny, and woke up hornier. After breakfast, it was feeling like a good day to fuck, so I reminded them: “I’d love for you to sit on my face today, so I can lick your cunt.” From that moment on, there was a delightful tingle from doing little things in hopeful preparation. Something as simple as setting aside some towels for later felt deliciously naughty. And I was sure to make something gentle for dinner, breaking out a bottle of Coke too because that helps ease our POTS symptoms.

The mood continues later on. It becomes difficult to think on anything else. So we free ourselves of clothes and freshen up. I position myself on the bed, next to the wall that I know they will need to brace themselves against. They climb onto me and I let them settle in, my boobs being lightly squished by their arse.

“You good?” I check. Their reply of “Yeah” is my cue to meet their cunt with my mouth. I suck at their clit and look up to their eyes closed in pleasure. I know their knees will not last forever, and younger me would have worried, but now it’s an excuse to not pace myself. I don’t need to last forever either, so I suck and lick with need, and enjoy the moans from above me. They begin to take over, grinding on my face till they can’t any longer. They shift off me and lie on the bed, and I pounce on top of them, we cuddle and recover.

“How you doing?” I ask.

“I’m so wet.”

We don’t often fuck like this, in missionary, it’s hard on the hips, but we are so hungry to feel each other that I slide into them. It’s fast and sudden, a brief relief from the desperate need. It’s a series of rapid strokes alternated with long kisses.

We change position to something more comfortable. Grabbing the toys we have, including a clit-sucking one I put on charge earlier in the day. They’re face down on the bed, propped up with pillows, and they adjust to try a slightly different angle than we usually would. One that lets them easily fuck themselves with the dildo whilst I am fucking their arse. I moan at the very idea. Trying to both thrust at the same time feels a little awkward, so I go deep into them and hold myself there, letting the dildo in their cunt rub against me through the walls. They soon pick up the pace with their own thrusting, and they cum fast. They cum so hard their arse clenches around my dick and pulls me forward.

Settling onto the bed, we grin at each other. That was amazing and yet we aren’t exhausted… we aren’t finished. They give me a look, a look that tells me they just thought of something really hot they want to do right now.

“Can you fuck my arse hard, against the wall?”

It’s a position we both know is hell on their legs, but they’re ready for it. It makes them feel used. I push their face against the wall, firm enough to feel it, gentle enough not to hurt. And I waste no time fucking them with swift strokes, imagining their arse as a toy to get myself off with. I look at their face and I’ve never seen them so joyful. I push deep into them so I can whisper in their ear how good they are at taking my girl-dick.

When I feel the quivering in their legs I turn them around and drop them to their knees, letting them rest on a pre-placed pillow. They fuck their cunt with the dildo again, pressing a toy against their clit. My firm hand on their head is both restraint and support. We’re both bringing ourselves to orgasm, racing each other. By a miracle, we both cum at the same time. Their fast shallow breaths transforming into a loud, long moan as my cum spatters against their face.

I help them to the bed and we clean up. We’re trying to find our breath again, and our bodies are yelling at us. But we both know that was the best sex of our lives. We did what felt right in the moment, but it was the instincts we built up, and the preparation we did before that made it possible, made it perfect.

Well… almost perfect… I forgot to put a pot of tea on.

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